Mariam Babatunde

I started writing at a young age of about 8yrs old and had my first article published in The Democrat Newspapers in Kaduna, Nigeria. My journey as a Creative Writer started from childhood where my sense of imagination was wild and free along with an awesome gift of descriptiveness. Over the years, I have created stories that run across various genres. I enjoy challenging myself with every new write-up; delivering unique, captivating, suspenseful and intriguing stories across genres that readers can relate to. I sway my pen around the art of poetry, fiction, and the creation of an array of emotions.
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Divorce paper Divorce paper

Divorce – An Escape Route (Part 1)

A few days later, Bala left for Sokoto State for some social functions without saying anything to Zuwaira. He only left a note by the TV in the family living room, which read, “I’ll be back whenever you see me. A ten million naira transfer will be made to your account; confirm the transaction and send it to my uncle Yusuf immediately.”