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How to Strip Down & Build A Mind-Blowing Sex Life in Long-Term Relationships

How well are you sleeping? Lack of quality sleep can increase stress levels, which may affect your sexual experiences.
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There are many tutorials available that can teach you the art of enhancing your sex life. These tutorials provide valuable information on the mechanics of sex, guiding you on what actions to take and what to avoid.

Reading through these tutorials, you can learn how to engage in a routine sexual life. In fact, you might even impress your partner enough to earn their appreciation.

However, if you aspire for more and desire to create a truly extraordinary sex life, then you need more than just a regular tutorial.

You need an ultimate sex plan

In this guide, we’ll provide expert tips to help you reach your desired goals. You will discover the benefits of creating a sex quadrant, improving your overall well-being, exploring new sources of pleasure, and embracing the importance of being present during intimate moments.

So, are you ready to add some excitement to your bedroom? Let me walk you through!

1: Ignite Sexual Empowerment

Do you ever wonder about the biggest mistake that people in long relationships make? It’s wanting an amazing sex life without creating a sex plan.

Without a plan, long-term relationships can become directionless, leaving both partners unsatisfied.

If you want to have a fulfilling sex life with open communication about your desires, take the time to create a sex plan that sets clear goals for your relationship.

Here’s why that’s important:

This plan will act as your compass, guiding you toward the right path and helping you reach your desired destination efficiently.

Is that something you’d like for your sex life?

To begin, Dr. Juliana Hauser, a therapist, and coach, suggests trying the 4-quadrant exercise. It’s a simple yet powerful exercise to reflect on past experiences and plan for future satisfaction.

Master the 4-Quadrant Exercise

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4 Quadrant Exercise inspired by Dr Hausers principles <br>creatively designed by Thembelani Moyo

Here’s how to do it yourself.

Start by drawing a quadrant on a piece of paper, where a vertical line intersects with a horizontal line. In the first quadrant, think about and list past sexual experiences that you would like to experience again.

Move to the second quadrant and write about any experiences that you have had and do not want to repeat. Then shift to the third quadrant and acknowledge and write your current desires.

Finally, in the fourth quadrant, imagine new and unexplored options for the future. Record them in this quadrant. Use the provided design as a reference to help you.

Unleashing the Effectiveness of the 4-Quadrant Exercise

This method easily addresses your past, present, and future dreams, offering a thorough exploration of what you want. Also, it promotes honest discussions with your partner, strengthening your bond.

And the best part: This exercise helps you discover your innermost desires and increases your confidence in expressing them honestly.

2: Prioritise Holistic Well-being and Self-Care

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A loving couple peacefully sleeping together Image by <a href=httpswwwfreepikcomfree photohigh angle romantic couple bed 34129158htmquery=couple20sleeping20peacefullyposition=21from view=searchtrack=aisuuid=72a31e6c eb16 4fe1 b820 0ef8074654a2>Freepik<a>

Now that you’ve rediscovered your sexual confidence through your sex quadrant and identified your boundaries and what truly aligns with your authenticity, It gets better!

Create a self-care routine that will enhance your sex life.

How well are you sleeping? Lack of quality sleep can increase stress levels, which may affect your sexual experiences.

Dr. Justin Lehmiller, a sex educator, recommends a comprehensive method that includes getting enough sleep, staying fit, and maintaining cardiovascular health to have a satisfying sex life.

Studies show that regular exercise can help with erectile dysfunction in men. It is important to understand the close relationship between mental and sexual well-being.

3: Infuse Variety into Your Sex Life

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Fun filled pillow fight between a couple<br>Image by <a href=httpswwwfreepikcomfree photofront view woman bdsm aesthetics 133757581htmquery=woman20holding20handcuffs20in20the20bedroomposition=24from view=searchtrack=aisuuid=c6b006fc edde 4625 ba7e 1ae7aa70fc87>Freepik<a>

Now that you’ve understood what excites you and vice versa and have a good self-care routine, it’s time to explore what your sex quadrant suggested.

As you and I know, routine can lead to boredom, affecting sexual satisfaction significantly and for most people, this is where they run into trouble.

According to Dr. Lehmiller, sticking to routines can lead to a decrease in both the frequency and enjoyment of sexual experiences.

Likewise, Dr. Carmen Harra, an intuitive psychologist and relationship expert, warns against unintentionally prioritizing daily responsibilities over your partner. This he noted can create distance and jeopardise shared goals.

Dr. Hauser emphasizes the significance of kissing and urges partners to go beyond their usual routine. She suggests trying different kissing styles and locations, treating kissing as a meaningful act rather than just foreplay.

Additonally, She recommends exploring sensual preferences among the five senses to enhance arousal. Focusing on the senses that resonate the most can greatly improve one’s sex life.

4: Cultivate Mindfulness in the Bedroom

It’s important to avoid distractions, be fully present, and avoid getting lost in thoughts during sex.

These distractions not only take away from the enjoyment of the sexual experience but can also make it harder to get aroused and reach a satisfying climax.

The bottom line is both men and women often have common concerns that can distract them. For example, partners may have concerns about getting pregnant or being heard by others.

So what’s the solution?

Stay Mindful During Sex

Dr. Lori Brotto discussing
better sex through mindfulness.
Video by: CTV Your Morning

Here is an example of how psychologist Dr. Lori Brotto applies her non-sexual exercise to help you stay mindful.

Practice mindfulness by eating a raisin or any food of your choice. Slow down and observe every detail—its appearance, sound, smell, taste, and texture.

Pay attention to the moment your salivation begins. The trick is to reflect on the heightened sensory focus and consider how this mindful approach could be applied to enhance your overall sex life experience.

Plan Complete? Unwind with “The Principles of Pleasure” on Netflix.

Take a much-needed rest. Step away from your sex plan so that you can return to it with a renewed perspective.

While on that, treat yourself to this educational documentary that explores the scientific aspects of female satisfaction, challenging societal expectations and sparking conversations. It is a must-watch for those who are single, in relationships, or just curious.

The Principles of Pleasure Official Trailer.
Video by Netflix

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