BETROTHED (Rage, Revenge, and Love): Episode 3

Time felt suspended as Alice lay unconscious in the ICU. Slowly, she regained consciousness, her eyes fluttering open. “My baby… where is she?”
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Alice had exhausted all ways in her attempts to understand Gbemi’s situation. With her pregnancy advancing, she conceded that she needed help. She decided to involve Gbemi’s mother, hoping that a maternal influence might bring some stability to their turbulent lives.

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The sun had just risen when Alice with a heavy heart dialed Gbemis mothers number Image source Freepik

Alice on the Phone with Gbemi’s Mom

The sun had just risen when Alice, with a heavy heart, dialed Gbemi’s mother’s number. She took a stroll in the backyard, seeking solace in nature as she waited for the call to connect.

“Mummy, I love Gbemi dearly,” Alice began, her voice laced with desperation. “I can’t bear to see him like this. I need your help. Please, can someone come and stay with us? Just until we figure things out.” Alice’s plea hung in the air, heavy with the weight of her love and concern.

Gbemi’s mother, a formidable woman, responded with a mix of concern and exasperation. “Alice, my dear, Gbemi needs to snap out of this childish behavior. He’s a grown man and soon-to-be father. He can’t keep acting this way. It’s high time he took responsibility.”

Alice, sensing the tension in her mother-in-law’s voice, attempted to soothe her. “I know, Mummy. I understand your concerns. But please, just consider my request. We need your support now more than ever.”

The older woman sighed, her resolve softening at the thought of her unborn grandchild. “I’ll see what I can do, Alice. But no promises. You two will have to manage for now. Take care, my dear.” And with that, the call ended, leaving Alice with a mixture of relief and uncertainty.

Alice in Labour

Weeks passed, each day a testament to Alice’s resilience. Then, one fateful night, around 3:40 am, a piercing scream shattered the silence.

“Gbems!!! Wake up!” Alice cried, her voice sharp with pain.

Gbemi, startled from his sleep, found Alice in the throes of agony. “Alice, what’s wrong? Talk to me!”

But Alice could barely form words. The contractions had taken hold, rendering her speechless. With frantic hand gestures, she indicated the baby bag and gown hanging by the wardrobe.

Gbemi, his eyes wide with realization, sprang into action. He grabbed the bag and gown, his hands trembling. Then, with a steadying breath, he called Alice’s doctor friend, Efa.

Time seemed to stand still as they rushed to the hospital. The contractions intensified, each one a wave of pain that washed over Alice.

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Take the baby to the ICU Then turning to the other nurse he said Administer Trizolam her Image source Freepik

A Baby?

Finally, at 5:15 am, a feeble cry pierced the air. Alice, drenched in sweat, looked at Efa with pleading eyes. “What’s wrong with my baby? Why isn’t anyone saying anything?”

Efa, his face grim, turned the baby upside down and shook her gently. One of the nurses held the newborn securely to the bed.

“Tell me what’s happening!” Alice’s voice echoed through the room.

With a heavy heart, Efa instructed one of the nurses, “Take the baby to the ICU.” Then, turning to the other nurse, he said, “Administer Trizolam to her.”

As the injection took effect, Alice’s eyes fluttered closed, her consciousness slipping away.

Meanwhile, in the waiting room, a distraught Gbemi knelt before the mysterious lady from his dreams. “Please, don’t hurt my child. She’s my firstborn, my baby girl. I beg you, spare her.”

All eyes turned to Gbemi, his face contorted with anguish.

The strange lady, her voice thick and otherworldly, spoke with authority. “Tell them to leave the child alone, or she will perish.”

Chaos ensued as Gbemi continued to plead for his baby’s life. The room buzzed with tension and uncertainty.

Back to Consciousness 

Time felt suspended as Alice lay unconscious in the ICU. Slowly, she regained consciousness, her eyes fluttering open. “My baby… where is she?”

Gbemi, his face drawn and weary, stood by her bedside. Efa remained silent, his eyes filled with compassion.

“She’s in the ICU,” Gbemi whispered, his voice cracking.

Alice’s eyes searched his face, seeking reassurance. “Is she… is she alive?”

Gbemi couldn’t bring himself to answer. His eyes brimming with unshed tears.

The room fell silent, the weight of the unknown pressing down on them.

Is the newborn alive and healthy? Will Alice recover from this traumatic birth? And will Gbemi’s dreams finally come to an end? 

Stay tuned for Episode 4, where the fate of this young family hangs in the balance.

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Haunted by his nightmares, Gbemi tossed and turned for nights on end. Alice, his wife, was at her wit’s end. She could not bear his shrieks and scratches in the dark. Read here.

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