The Love Central - Your Guide to Being the Best Wedding Guest
Your Guide to Being the Best Wedding Guest

Your Guide to Being the Best Wedding Guest

By being a considerate wedding guest, you contribute to the positive vibes and make the day even more special for the couple.
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Let’s face it, we Africans know how to throw a wedding. From the aso-ebi that blinds you with its brilliance to the aunties who scold you for not finishing your jollof, it’s a full-on cultural celebration of love, life, and enough food to feed a small nation. But let’s be honest, some of us wedding guests? We need a little intervention

You’re at a wedding, and the colors are vibrant, the music is lively, and the atmosphere is electric. Now, enters Guest X, who decides to take the term ‘electric’ a little too literally and starts showing off their not-so-smooth dance moves, knocking over a tray of food in the process. 

Or how about the guest who shows up dressed to the nines, but their outfit choice is more suited for a night at the club than a formal wedding ceremony?

And let’s not forget the guests who take ‘speaking now or forever holding their peace’ a little too literally, turning the happy occasion into their personal soapbox moment. 

It’s safe to say that weddings bring out a mix of emotions and behaviors, and sometimes, wedding guests just need a gentle reminder on how to behave.

The Love Central - Your Guide to Being the Best Wedding Guest
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Why Being a Well-Behaved Wedding Guest is Important

Okay, so we’ve established some wedding guest faux pas. But why exactly does it matter? 

Here’s the thing: weddings are a big deal. Months of planning, a village’s worth of aunties coordinating, all to celebrate the beautiful union of two people. By being a considerate guest, you contribute to the positive vibes and make the day even more special for the couple.

A Guide to Being the Best Wedding Guest

Now, let’s talk about how to be a wedding guest who is remembered for all the right reasons.

1. Dress to Impress (Appropriately)

As mentioned, dressing appropriately is key. For African weddings, this might mean embracing traditional attire or opting for more modest styles. Remember, you can still look stylish and elegant while respecting cultural norms.

2. Bring Your Best Behavior

Be mindful of your behavior throughout the celebration. This means no photobombing of the official wedding photographer, no excessive drinking and dancing on tables, and no unsolicited speeches or drama. Keep the focus on the couple and celebrate with the class. Remember also to wait patiently for the food to get to you.

3. Be Punctual

African weddings often have a lot of guests, and the couple has likely put a lot of thought into the seating plan. Arriving late and disrupting the ceremony or causing a reshuffle of the seating arrangement is not ideal. Plan your journey, and be on time!

The Love Central - Your Guide to Being the Best Wedding Guest
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4. Respect the Culture

African weddings are rich in cultural traditions and rituals. As a guest, embrace and respect these customs. Take part in the celebrations, learn the dances, and enjoy the unique experience. It’s all part of the fun!

5. Bring a Thoughtful Gift

While not mandatory, bringing a gift is a lovely way to show your support for the couple. Opt for something thoughtful and meaningful, or contribute to their honeymoon or new home fund if they have one.

Being the Best Wedding Guest: A Funny Tale to End On

Speaking of wedding etiquette, let me tell you about a time I witnessed a masterclass. It was a beautiful Nigerian wedding, the same was on point, the music pumping.

Then a lady with her energetic dance moves (which involved a lot of hair-whipping and body-rolling) ended up knocking over not one, but three guests, including the bride’s grandmother! It was a hilarious yet slightly chaotic moment that had everyone talking for all the wrong reasons.

So, as you prepare for your next wedding invitation, remember to bring your best self, both in attire and behavior. Weddings are a time to celebrate love, and as a guest, you have the power to add to the joy of the occasion.

Now, go forth and be the best wedding guest ever! And if you have any funny stories or tips of your own, be sure to share them in the comments—let’s keep the conversation going!

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