Sync Schedules: How to For Couples

Communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and when it comes to syncing schedules, it’s no different.
The Love Central - Couple synchronizing their schedules The Love Central - Couple synchronizing their schedules

Synchronisation in relationships is a recipe for relationship success, some say. Meanwhile, the threat of opposing schedules and work days looms! Therefore, in some relationships, couples need to sync schedules. But how do you do it?

Some don’t care to sync their schedules with their partners because it doesn’t appear to affect the relationship dynamic. Mom and wife Abigail Rasminsky suggest opposing schedules work best for her and her husband. Basing this on their habits, she concludes it is best for their relationship. The question is for those who don’t think it is best for them, how do you overcome that?

I. Download a shared calendar app to sync schedules

Shared calendar apps provide the perfect, easy way to sort out life admin. In addition to sharing work schedules, calendar apps can help you as a couple plan designated quality time around work and other plans. Set up a Google or Outlook Calendar on your desktop or computer to easily share schedules.

Synching schedules with an app also allows couples to set reminders for date nights in and out of the house! We would go as far as to say the best date night ideas are ones that are planned.

II. Plan special occasions and milestones in advance

In every relationship, each person considers some events and milestones important. Therefore, couples need to think about the occasions that their partner treasures. Clinical psychologist Dr Annie Husueh believes people put significance on these occasions for a few reasons. One is that they use occasions to determine if a relationship is progressing in the right direction.

On the other hand, others argue that not all milestones need to be celebrated. If you fall into this camp, please plan celebrations ahead of time! You should take the right days off of work and book them well in advance to avoid any work issues arising. For any planned celebrations involving travel, make sure tickets and transportation are working days before the trip to ensure that things are ready.

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Plan celebrations ahead of time<br>Image credit pexels

Inform your partner of any days they need to be aware of. Don’t leave it all as a surprise! While surprises can be romantic and thoughtful, important occasions are better planned. This way, your partner can easily sync schedules with you and make arrangements for any prior commitments they may have.

III. Check-in with each other

As obvious as it sounds, checking in is a cornerstone of a healthy relationship. Schedule check-in times with your partner to evaluate your schedules. Use these conversations to discuss any issues that have arisen, like new obligations. Be prepared to listen to your partner and voice your concerns, if necessary. After having these conversations, try to make adjustments to solve any scheduling or logistical issues.

IV. Be flexible and willing to compromise

While syncing schedules is easier said than done, learning how to compromise and be flexible is the key to scheduling quality time with your partner. As we briefly mentioned, adjustments to your schedule will help you accommodate your partner and their needs. Move around some activities that can be rescheduled, such as a gym session. Alternatively, plan a day where you can do an activity together you both enjoy.

If the issue is date night, reschedule your date night for a day when you both know you are available, or rework the date night to one at home! Planning to see a movie? Do a movie night at home. Are you going out for dinner? Cook a three-course meal in your kitchen! The possibilities for the adjustments you can make are endless.

At the same time, make scheduling arrangements based on your living situation. For couples that live together, coordinate household chores and compromise on who does what. If one of you works during the day, for example, designate the daily household chores, like washing up, to that person and leave the breakfast-making to the nightshift worker!

Create a rota of chores each week if you are both susceptible to your schedule or work conditions changing. This practice enables both parties to be flexible and get used to compromising with their time without making drastic changes. Additionally, scheduling when to do chores in advance helps you see when you will have free time.

Can’t sync schedules? Consult a professional

Sometimes problems in a relationship are complicated for two people to solve. If you and your partner feel like you have exhausted your options when trying to sync schedules, consider finding a counselor or therapist who can help. It’s important to use an official registry for licensed counselors.

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Consider finding a counselor or therapist who can help<br>Image credit pexels

Finding the right person may take a bit of time, but it will be worth it in the end. Counsellors and therapists can offer professional tools and tips on improving communication, creating schedules and strengthening your relationship.

Embracing the help of a professional not only shows an open mind, but it also shows a willingness to change and to work at the foundation of your relationship and your goals as a couple.

Syncing schedules: The bigger picture

Although the idea of syncing schedules seems easy, it is something that couples must continue to work on. As life changes, so will priorities and schedules.

Couples must be ready to adapt in their relationships and work as a team to learn the art of effective time management. In order to do this, they should create a sustainable plan of action with input from each person to find strategies to aid in the practice of synching schedules.

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