“Love is not Enough in Marriage”: Married People Share on X

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  • Love is an essential ingredient for a successful marriage, but whether it is enough on its own or not has been a topic of debate
  • Some people believe that love is all that matters in marriage, while others believe that it is only one of many important factors
  • In this article, we’ll explore diverse viewpoints on the topic of whether love is enough or not in marriage

Ever wondered what exactly love is? It turns out that definitions of love vary widely. An X conversation highlighted this when a user emphasized that love alone isn’t sufficient to keep a marriage going.

This post triggered a cascade of reactions from different people, which we’ll explore in the article, each sharing their views on what love is and whether it’s enough for a marriage.

Most times, we come across conversations where people say that love is not enough in marriage. Some people believe that to sustain a marriage, you need more than love, while others believe that love is enough and the only factor a marriage needs to succeed.

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<strong>Love is an essential ingredient for a successful marriage<strong> Image credit pexels

These conversations offer a valuable learning opportunity for those already in marriage and those hoping to be. It opens up the door to understanding what truly keeps a marriage strong, so let’s dive in. 

The Supporting Argument: Love is not Enough

“I’ll say love is not enough in a marriage because more than often, it will feel like the love tank is completely empty.”

The poster, @olajideobe, noted that love is not enough to sustain a marriage. To further drive his point home, he cited a situation from experience where one is out of a job and has exhausted all savings; then there is no food at home, no gas in the cylinder, etc.

He noted that in such a critical situation, love is definitely not what is going to fill your family’s stomach. 

Supporting his view, a user named @sunkanmiAhmad87 commented “I can tell you “love isn’t enough.” Know this, and know peace. I’m married too.”

So, if love lays the groundwork, what else supports a marriage when that initial love isn’t front and center? @shaq34real stated that when things get rough in marriage, love will be questioned. He emphasized that love goes together with commitment, understanding, and tolerance. 

@Desyboy5 opined that bearing in mind that love is not enough is what makes you understand that beyond love, you need to put food on the table.

@Talk2welo said that “love is enough to keep one in a relationship, but definitely not enough to sustain or keep one in marriage”.

Still drumming support, @EkIsaiah noted that absolutely love isn’t enough. He mentioned that during his marriage counseling class, the counselor told them that, and two years down the line, he fully understands that it’s not. 

It can be deduced from @olajideobe and his supporters’ point of view that, while love is the foundation of marriage, there are times when you may not feel love for your partner. During these times, you need commitment, understanding, and other factors to keep your marriage strong.

The Counterargument: Love is Enough

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Love is unconditional Image credit pexels

Reacting to @olajideobe’s post, @TYOyetunde noted that while he is not totally wrong in his view, the other attributes he cited are all the attributes of love.  

He emphasized that instead of saying that love is not enough, it should be “feelings or emotions,” because that is definitely not enough. He supported his argument using some Bible passages that taught about love, such as 1 Corinthians 13.

@nellsonpap noted that love is not just a feeling because patience, empathy, and compromise are attributes of real love.

According to @lydian_john, “Love is enough! Love makes such trying times “bearable”! Love is unconditional. Love will never leave your side, even when things get tough. There’ll be joy in chaos! Love is not only for good times but also for bad/tough times! Love is struggle-proof and lasts against all odds”.

Supporting the motion, @lucas4dominion opined that love is not a butterfly or sexual (mushy) feeling. He noted that love is patient, kind, tolerant, long-suffering, sacrificial, respectful, and not abusive. He noted that for a successful marriage, love is all you need.

Expressing her view, @rosie_martinee asked whether love is conditional or seasonal, or maybe disappears in times of lack. She emphasized that when everything is falling apart, love should be the binding factor. She went on to say that love is strength in times of weakness and noted that, though love takes different forms, it is not just emotions or feelings. 

@MarygoldRichie opined that following the instance cited by @olajideobe, “love is definitely enough.” She stated that she has drank garri with love in marriage, and when the garri is not available, they fast because when there’s true love, money or the lack of it is inconsequential.

Conclusion on Love in Marriage

The statement that “love is not enough in marriage” is a complex one that encompasses a wide range of perspectives. No doubt, love is still the most important ingredient in a successful marriage. When couples have a strong foundation of love, they are better equipped to weather the storms of life and build a lasting relationship.

Marriage isn’t a simple equation, so while some believe that love is all that matters in it, others do not believe that it is. Ultimately, whether or not love is enough for marriage is a personal decision.

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