How to Handle Being A Third-Wheel During Hangouts

You can be in a very beautiful and healthy relationship and still be a third-wheel to a set of love birds
The Love Central - third-wheel The Love Central - third-wheel
How to handle being the third-wheel

Whenever the term ‘third-wheel’ comes up, it usually sparks varied interpretations. For some, it’s perceived as an unnecessary burden, while for others, it presents an opportunity for extra fun.

But it isn’t necessarily negative; we’ve all found ourselves in that position at some point, whether by plan or by chance. What matters is how we perceive and handle it. In this article, we will be exploring ways to handle being a third-wheel with grace.

The Love Central - third-wheel
Its sometimes awkward to be the thrid wheel<br>Image credit freepik

I. Create Humor From It

Although it is not the best feeling, it’s not the worst either, so it’s best to accept it, and one way to do that is to involve humor. When you start creating jokes, it brings a form of relief and takes away the awkwardness surrounding the situation.

It won’t hurt to throw a joke regarding your status in the relationship, just to lighten things up. Who knows, you might actually be the entertainment they didn’t know they needed.

II. Establish Personal Boundaries

Ensure that, while you are having fun, you don’t put yourself in uncomfortable situations; make sure to establish clear boundaries.

Being a third wheel doesn’t come with a free pass to being a people pleaser. It’s important that you communicate your feelings about certain situations.

III. Find A Common Ground

While it might not be up to you to figure out fun group activities, make sure to get active in group activities that involve everyone. This can help reduce the feeling of being left out. Get involved once you discover there’s a common interest.

IV. Know when to excuse yourself

If you find yourself hanging out with a couple that’s very big on PDA (public display of affection), you should automatically know when not to be on the scene. It’s not the time to go ‘awww, you guys are so cute.’

Excuse yourself gracefully, preventing any discomfort for the couple and yourself. In some cases, you don’t have to wait for PDA to butt out; you can just read the room.

In Conclusion,

Although being a third wheel can be awkward and uncomfortable, adopting the right mindset and employing strategies such as maintaining a positive attitude, finding humor in the situation, establishing boundaries, and knowing when to excuse yourself can transform the experience into an enjoyable one

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