5 Ways On How I Got Over a Painful Heartbreak

Heartbreak is an evidence of a heart that understands what it means to love.
5 Ways On How I Got Over a Painful Heartbreak 5 Ways On How I Got Over a Painful Heartbreak
How I Got Over a Painful Heartbreak
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Heartbreak is a universal experience that comes with intense emotional pain and sadness. In the process of life, when something breaks, it’s either disposed of or fixed. But it only gets disposed of when it has no shot at being fixed.

While you’re grieving, there are some important steps to take to make the healing process effective. In this article, I’ll be sharing my journey through heartbreak with practical examples of what my healing process was like.

1. Acceptance

You ever wonder how someone can go from excited to numb in a split second? For the first two weeks, I felt like a lost soul, going from one emotion to the next while pretending it didn’t hurt and hoping it would help me move on. “Less thinking, less hurting” was my go-to phrase, but it didn’t work because it compounded the pain.

Breakups often lead to negative emotions, but to feel good again, you must not suppress your feelings. It’s essential to accept your feelings and healthily express them.

2. Cry About It

After accepting that it was over, all I needed was to listen to one heartbreak song. Or read something about love, and tears would freely run down my face, which was a good thing because it was proof that I was no longer suppressing my emotions.

Crying isn’t a sign of weakness, as many believe it to be. It’s a source of strength that comes with acceptance and strength.

3. Journal Your Thoughts

Healing from heartbreak
Journaling your Thoughts
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There were days when I didn’t want to talk and days when I didn’t even know how to voice my thoughts. I decided to start writing instead, both positive and negative, and for as long as I could feel it, I was writing.

Journaling helps to acknowledge and work through emotions. Research shows that it also helps to improve one’s mental health. For me, it also birthed a new hobby.

4. Self Care

Self Care
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Focus on caring for yourself, and spend time doing something you love. While you need your heart to heal, you also need to be in good shape mentally and physically. I watched a lot of sitcoms because it was my happy place and the more I laughed, the lighter I got.

Doing what you love will lift your spirit, which in turn provides room for healing.

5. Severe Ties

This was extremely difficult to do and was also my least favorite part of the healing process because the concept of talking to someone every day and going back to not talking at all was a whole lot.

But then again, I knew the dangers and aftereffects of holding on to a lost love. No good would come out of a reconnection; instead, it would stir up a rollercoaster of emotions and lead to bad decisions.

Some call it closure, but deep down, it’s just the inability to let go, which could be temporary or permanent.

In Conclusion,

As long as you remember to let yourself feel, to be kind to yourself, and to direct your energy towards something beautiful, you’ll gradually find closure and open up your heart for a better and healthier relationship.

Note that:

  • There is no step-by-step process or timeline to the healing journey; time is relative to each person based on the depth of their relationships, and healing won’t just happen immediately.

  • It is very important to have friends and family that support you.

  • It is not wrong to seek professional help if it becomes too much to handle. It’s totally okay to break down along the way; you are human after all.

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