Tips to Make Your Oyinbo Spouse Love Nigerian Food

Allow them to try a bit of everything without feeling intimidated and if they love it, you can increase the portion.
Tips to Make Your Oyinbo Spouse Love Nigerian Food Tips to Make Your Oyinbo Spouse Love Nigerian Food
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To all my Nigerian brothers and sisters in interracial marriages, have you introduced your spouse to our delicious Nigerian dishes yet?

As a proud Nigerian, I know that we are blessed with varieties of mouth-watering dishes so if you are yet to introduce yourself to our tastes of awesomeness, then it’s time! 

And if you are skeptical about it, don’t be. I bet he or she would absolutely love to try out new dishes and have a blend of both cultures.

This article will give you tips to make sharing Nigerian food a positive and enjoyable experience for both of you. 

Efo Riro soup.
Image credit: Sisi Jemimah food blog

Sharing the deliciousness of Nigerian food with your “oyinbo” spouse (a loving term for a non-Nigerian partner) is important as it fosters cultural connection and understanding.

It creates a shared experience that enhances the bond between you and promotes appreciation for each other’s heritage through the joy of food.

Let’s explore how you can do it!

I. Start with familiar flavors

Start with lighter soups like Egusi or Okra, or grilled meats like Suya or Asun, which have familiar textures and spices. Slowly graduate to bolder flavors like Jollof rice or Pepper Soup.

Likewise, look for dishes with overlapping flavor profiles. Efo Riro with its tomato base might appeal to someone who enjoys Italian sauces, while grilled Plantains could remind them of Caribbean cuisine.

II. Make it Visually appealing

When you are serving the dishes to your spouse, arrange them artfully on the plate, using contrasting colors and textures. This makes the dishes visually appealing and piques curiosity.

Serve small portions. instead of overwhelming them with large portions, offer small tastings. Allow them to try a bit of everything without feeling intimidated and if they love it, you can increase the portion.

Approach the experience with a playful and positive attitude. Encourage experimentation and laughter. 

Video credit: Ling and Lamb

III. Make it a shared experience

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with traditional Nigerian Afrobeat or gentle highlife music. Use colorful Ankara tablecloths or woven placemats to add a touch of Nigerian flair.

Involve your spouse in the cooking process. Let them assist with chopping vegetables, stirring sauces, or preparing side dishes to build familiarity and a feeling of belonging.

IV. Address potential concerns

Not everyone appreciates spicy foods. Add a little spice and offer additional pepper on the side for those who crave heat.

Talk about the ingredients and their origins. Let your spouse understand the stories behind the dishes and their cultural significance. This builds understanding and appreciation for the food tradition.

Be patient and allow your spouse time to adjust to the new flavors and food textures. Don’t force anything and celebrate their willingness to try.

Resources to help my Nigerian brothers and sisters in interracial marriages truly rock the culinary connection with their spouses


  • My Everyday Lagos” by Patience Akpabio: A comprehensive guide featuring over 300 classic and modern Nigerian recipes with detailed instructions and insights. It is perfect for beginners and seasoned cooks alike. 
Image credit: Google
  • All Nigerian Recipes” by Flo Madubike: This beautiful cookbook boasts a vast collection of Nigerian recipes, categorized by region, main course, soup, and more. It also features helpful cooking tips and video tutorials.
Image credit: Google


  • 9jaFoodie: This website by Ronke Edoho offers a modern twist on Nigerian cuisine, blending traditional flavors with global influences.

In conclusion

The most important ingredients are love and patience. Be supportive and enthusiastic about the process. 

And by sharing your love of Nigerian food in a fun and engaging way, you can create a positive and memorable experience for both of you and hopefully turn your spouse into a true Naija food enthusiast!

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