The Do’s and Don’ts of Gifting in a Business Relationship

By adhering to the dos and don’ts outlined in this article, business gifting will no longer be a mystery to you.
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A great gift idea can show appreciation, improve trust, and reinforce relationships. But an inappropriate or hasty chosen gift can turn out the opposite. This article is for those who experience difficulties in making choices regarding gifting in a business relationship 

Going through the maze of business gift etiquette can be bewildering. It is vital to choose gifts that will show how much you value and understand the person. 

These should also be based on the recipient’s values and interests. Incorrect or unsuitable gifts can be misunderstood and could even cause relationship issues.

What should and should not be considered when giving a gift in a business relationship? What are smart ways to use gifting that will benefit you with no negative effect?

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It is vital to choose gifts that will show how much you value and understand the person Image source Freepik

The Do’s of Gifting in a Business Connection

Know the Recipient’s Likes and Interests

Thoughtfulness is most crucial when gifting in a business relationship. Take a break and think about their interests, likes, and hobbies. Give something that fits their personality; it’s just going to be well-liked. 

One example could be the purchase of a personalized set of golf balls or a voucher for a round at the best course in town, for someone who enjoys golf.

Research and Personalize

Research is a prerequisite for finding a perfect gift. Delve into the company culture and its values, and try to determine if there are any specific rituals or likes/dislikes related to gift giving. 

As much as possible, customize the gift to convey that you have gone the extra mile. Engraving, monogramming, or writing a personal note can contribute to a memorable piece of jewelry.

Give Useful and Practical Gifts

On one hand, uniqueness is a must, but it is even more necessary to give gifts that are practical and can be used. Think about the items that the recipient may use in their professional or personal life. 

As an example, a nice leather briefcase, a fashionable yet useful planner, or a unique pen set are all gifts that are both thoughtful and practical.

Timing and Appropriateness

In gifting, timing is everything. Giving a gift promptly makes it even more special. For instance, a present to mark the achievement of a promotion or the completion of a project will be highly appreciated. 

Similarly, remember national and religious events, because presenting gifts during these periods represents respect and accordance with various traditions.

The Don’ts of Gifting in a Business Relationship

Do not Give Personal or Extravagant Things as Gifts

Remember to choose thoughtful gifts that are not too personal or extravagant. Overly intimate presence might create an awkward situation and be construed as inappropriate in the workplace. 

Similarly, very expensive gifts can be considered bribes or can put the other person in an uncomfortable situation, which will spoil the relationship.

No Perceived Bribery or Unethical Gifts

No gifts should be used as an instrument to influence business decisions or to achieve any kind of unfair advantage. 

Do not present gifts that can be perceived as bribes, especially in industries with strict regulations. Furthermore, keep in mind the importance and type of the present to make it ethical and worthy.

Stay Away From Bland or Meaningless Presents

Impersonal or trite gifts may do more harm than good. This can deliver the impression that you did not spend much time and energy on that gesture, which may offend a person. 

Try not to buy generic gift cards or promotional items with your company logo on them as they can be perceived as over-promoting.

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you will pave the way to long term success and foster meaningful associations Image source Freepik

Cultural Aspects of Business Giving

As regards business gifting, cultural factors should be kept in mind in the first place. Being aware of the cultural norms and practices of your clients and partners might either make or break a business relationship. In different cultures, there are varying cultures and traditions for the exchange of gifts.

As an example, the traditional way is refusing a gift once in some Asian countries and the giver is expected to give the gift again. In the Middle East, visiting someone at their house or office will involve bringing gifts which are also wrapped to respect it. At the same time, Western cultures may regard excessive wrapping as wasteful.

Additionally, pay attention to the color meanings in various cultures; presenting a gift in the wrong color will most likely give a wrong impression.

Conclusion: The Right and Wrong Ways of Gifting in a Business Relationship

By adhering to the dos and don’ts outlined in this article, business gifting will no longer be a mystery to you. Please note that trying to be thoughtful, personalized, practical, and culturally sensitive is the key to your choices.

When gifting is done authentically and consistently as part of your business relationships, you will pave the way to long-term success and foster meaningful associations that benefit all who are involved.

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