How To Cope With The Stress of Unemployment

Billionaire Leila Hormozi once said, “Sometimes what we think is imposter syndrome is probably lack of experience.”
The Love Central - Unemployment and Stress The Love Central - Unemployment and Stress
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Waiting for an offer letter is hard. To not have a job is scary. The fear of running out of your savings and the pressure of not being able to pay your bills is one of the greatest nightmares one can face in our contemporary world.

People who have been unemployed for more than six months are more likely to fall prey to stress, anxiety, and depression. It has been proven that the worry and anxiety accompanying unemployment increase with the length of the waiting period.

This article discusses ways to cope with the stress of unemployment.

Six simple ways to cope with the constant stress of unemployment:

1. Reflect on your actions

Being honest and self-aware allows you to understand whether you are taking the right steps.

Job hunting is a lot more than LinkedIn applications. It is a game of adequate preparation, volumes of application, and strategic approaches to recruiters and decision-makers.  

Applying to five jobs daily is not sufficient if you need an urgent response. Depending on your needs and level of urgency, making at least 15 applications daily with the guidance of a recruiter is ideal.

2. Make out time to improve your skills

Confronting job rejections is hard. It could be that companies are seeking a more experienced or skilled individual and you are not there yet. Engaging in thorough self-reflection allows you to understand whether you are lacking skills or presentation.

Some hiring managers will give you feedback if you ask for it. With that, you can work on getting better in your field, thereby increasing your confidence and your chances of getting hired. 

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YouTube offers a range of courses that can help you enhance your skills and improve the value of your work.

Learn what is trending in the market and adapt yourself to them. Billionaire Leila Hormozi once said, “Sometimes what we think is imposter syndrome is probably lack of experience.”

3. Do not be afraid to seek help

Everyone needs help, but only a few are willing to ask for it. Asking for guidance is a sign of courage, not weakness, as you might think. Therefore, do not limit your growth by being afraid. 

If you are battling anxiety and stress due to unemployment and realize you cannot cope anymore, speak to a therapist. They will guide you better in terms of mental health.

If you think you are lacking experience and not applying for jobs the right way, get a career coach who can guide you the right way.

4. Realize that it is a hidden opportunity

Not having a job means having some extra time on your hands. Make the most of it by studying and enhancing yourself. The waiting period offers you time to seek purpose regarding what you want.  

If you are someone who wants to become a self-starter or have their own business, you should shift your focus towards that because the idea of owning a business is not as easy as it appears.

Alternatively, you can tilt towards the creator economy. 4% of global content creators pull in more than $100,000 annually, according to Goldman Sachs Research. These people have maximized their lack of employment to create content and have recorded massive success.

5. Understand that it’s east to create opportunities today

We live in an era of the internet.  An era where limitations are more in our beliefs than in the world. 

Technology, through the internet, has created endless opportunities for any serious and money-minded individual.

Being an employee is just one of the pathways to having an income. You can explore internet sales of digital products, MRR, affiliate marketing, dropshipping, and a whole lot of others.

You can pursue these ventures as side hustles. However, understand that there are a lot of individuals who pursue these full-time.

6. Unemployment is not a matter of shame

Understand that there are lots of people in line for employment. Know that you are not alone, and don’t beat yourself up too much. 

Watching others excel when life has put you on hold can make even the strongest feel left out. However, patience is a virtue and if you keep trying without giving up, you will get the results sooner than you think. 

While in your waiting period, continue clapping for others. You might be identified as unemployed today but that doesn’t define your entire being. 

Never fall victim to the web of comparison. Do not worsen the situation by feeling that “you are not good enough. Instead, be diligent in doing what is required of you and practice gratitude.

In Conclusion,

Unemployment is a temporary setback. It does not last forever, so you’ll eventually find a job.

The idea of a side hustle is exciting and confusing at the same time

If you are not sure which side hustle to stick to, discover ways to test your idea before launch in this article.

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