The Love Central - Breakup sex: A way to heal or a way to hurt?
Breakup sex

Breakup Sex: A Way to Heal or Hurt?

Breakup sex can blur emotional boundaries, leaving you entangled in a web of unresolved feelings.
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Have you ever had breakup sex? How did it feel and what was the outcome? Did it reinstate the relationship or did both parties still go their separate ways? What do you think about break-up sex?

In this article, we’ll explore the potential motivations and risks behind why people engage in breakup sex. Before then, let’s explain what breakup sex is!

Breakup sex refers to sexual intimacy between two people who are ending their romantic relationship.

Motivations for Breakup Sex

Motivations for post-breakup intimacy are as diverse as the individuals who engage in it. 

Some seek comfort in the familiar embrace of their ex to combat the temporal sting of loneliness. Others cling to the hope of reconciliation, believing that physical activity can bridge the emotional gap. 

For some who find it really hard to accept that the relationship has ended, it’s their way of holding on to a bit of what used to be. 

Others who are driven by a physical and emotional need for intimacy find solace in the act as a way to ease the pain in both the body and the soul.

Potential risks and consequences

Breakup sex can blur emotional boundaries, leaving you entangled in a web of unresolved feelings. The rush of hormones and the desire for intimacy can lead to regret and shame, particularly if impulsivity or underlying issues fueled the encounter. 

Additionally, it’s difficult to move on when you are entangled in the web of intimacy. You might be stuck in a loop of “what if” instead of building something new.

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Breakup sex can lead to regret and shame<br>Image credit freepik

Alternatives for Coping with a Breakup

Instead of reaching out to your ex, reach out to your friends and family—people who love you and want to see you happy. They’re the ones who will listen without judgment and help you put together your broken pieces. 

And speaking of picking your broken pieces, take some time for yourself. Do the things that make you happy—the things that remind you of who you are without your ex. 

Take a long walk, lose yourself in a good book, exercise to free up your mind, and learn the new skill you’ve been wanting to try.

Concluding Thoughts on Breakup Sex

Breakup sex isn’t a magic cure. It’s a quick fix that might leave you feeling worse in the long run. 

Instead of indulging in it, choose the things that will truly help you heal, such as the love and support of your friends, the comfort of self-care, and the time to rediscover yourself. 

Because in the end, you’re the one who can mend your own heart, stronger and brighter than before.

Why Being Your Own BFF Is the Ultimate Power Move

When you love yourself fully, you attract healthier relationships. And then you’d go into a relationship from a place of wholeness, not need. 

Read this article to discover other reasons why being your own BFF is a game-changer.

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