A Valentine’s Day With All Your Special Ones

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all forms of love.
Valentines Day Valentines Day
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When you open the internet and look for ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, most ideas are only ideal for partners. It leads the singles to believe you must spend this day romantically. You feel left out and have FOMO (fear of missing out).

However, is it true? Is Valentine’s Day only celebrated by couples? Do you have a valid reason for feeling left out? That feeling of “No one is with me; I am so alone; no gifts; no celebrations—is it justifiable?”

Fact check: Did you know Valentine’s Day was celebrated as a Christian feast honouring a martyr named Valentine? Over time, this day has become synonymous with romance and love.

At The Love Central, we believe everyone deserves to give and receive love. Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate love in all its forms, and love exists in multiple relationships with our families, friends, pets, and ourselves.

Though love is celebrated daily, February 14th is a set day to celebrate yourself as well as the special people who bring joy to your life. In this article, we’ll explore some creative ways to create some amazing memories in this month of love.

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1. Family Movie Night

Create a cozy setup and run a movie marathon with your family. You could have a rom-com night for a feel-good night or a horror film night for some spine-tingling moments. Get creative, depending on what your family desires. 

2. Enjoying with friends

A friendship full of support and free of toxicity deserves a huge round of applause and appreciation. Get dressed, go for a drive, play some games, and go clubbing. There are so many ways to enjoy yourself together, and with true friends, you don’t have to think of a perfect plan.

3. A pet playdate

Our pets show the most love without asking for anything in return. A playdate and showering your fur friends with some chew toys would be the perfect way to validate our cats and dogs. Their love is unconditional and Valentine’s Day would be an optimal time to treat them. 

4. Hosting a potluck

For the majority of us whose life partners are warming up on the way, call your special ones over and host them a feast like never before. A Valentine’s Day potluck will have everyone get together and spend quality time together.

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Family and friends are some of the oldest relationships we have. Therefore, celebrate them. Dishes like Shisa Nyama and Piri Piri chicken would be perfect add-ons for a wholesome lunch. 

5. Roses for everyone

A man gifting his woman a bouquet is beautiful. But what about a dad gifting roses to his daughter, a brother gifting roses to his sister, a mother gifting roses to her nephews and nieces, or a best friend gifting roses to his childhood buddy? Sounds wholesome, right? Lover or not, everyone deserves a flower on Valentine’s.

6. Love Letters

In a world where every special wish comes in the form of a notification, choose an old-school way. Express gratitude and tell them how much they mean to you in a love letter. Anything handwritten or handmade is a symbol to be cherished for a lifetime. You can also get creative and write it in another language, like French or Spanish.

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7. A self-pamper session

Do you know the most important person in your love life? You! If you do not take care of yourself and speak affectionately to yourself, you cannot expect others to do the same. Take yourself out to a cafe, book a spa day, or do anything that fulfills you. Appreciate yourself. 

8. Donations and charity

There are people who lack the fortune to feel special—people who have no relationships to cherish. This day, you could let them be your Valentine. There is so much you can do, such as donating something nice to the kids or feeding the poor.

The language of the season is love and kindness, so be the reason why someone’s face is lit up with smiles this month.

To conclude,

Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all forms of love. There are countless ways to make every moment count today. Embrace the diversity of love and spread kindness.
Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Thinking about how to spend this Valentine’s Day like a boss?

Read this article to gain expert insight from  Carmen Harra, a psychologist, relationship expert, and author of the book ‘Plus One: The Numerology of Relationships.‘ 

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