A Love Letter For A Husband

“You are part of my existence, part of myself. You have been in every line I have ever read”- Charles Dickens (Great Expectations)
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Love is a beautiful thing, and it’s not just because a popular Nigerian Afrobeats singer said it in a line of his song, but also because over time it has proven to be so.

Telling someone how you feel should first come from the heart. That’s the only way the words will find expression in the heart of the receiver. It can be tricky, especially if words are jumbled up in your head, but the solution is finding solace in those jumbled-up words and finding love and light.

Here is an inspiration that can also double up as an example of a thoughtful love letter and romantic gesture for a husband. There is a little bit of everything fun, exciting, romantic, and intentional in it.

Dear Magic,

I know the first thought that comes to your mind is, ‘Is today a special occasion?’ And knowing you, you’ll be thinking of checking your calendar after reading this. Well, let me help you because I don’t like my baby to stress. You didn’t forget any anniversary; I just want to dote on you today.

It’s been years together, and every day is a testament to God’s love for me because, in every way, you show me what it means to be loved by God through your words, actions, and warm hugs. I love the fact that you are concerned with the things that concern me, and it’s always beautiful to see how much of yourself you put into my growth and success.

When people read their vows during weddings, I always imagine it’s for the moment, but seeing how you constantly remind me of a line or two when I am having a tough day makes me want to walk down the aisle with you a million times more.

Sometimes, when things get all in my head, I watch those silly videos where you dance like a child and sing like Benson Boone, even when we both know you don’t. While I’m not only mesmerized by how much you love me, I am deeply mesmerized by how much you love people, and if you ask me, I think that’s what makes you a perfect photographer because you have a way of capturing souls (mine inclusive) through your lens and your beautiful blue eyes.

I constantly brag about how you have made me view the world differently; you literally find the good in every situation, and it’s not just the best part of you.

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You are the true definition of love<br>Image credit freepik

There’s a kind of love that cannot be seen but can only be felt. Lucky for me, I get to experience both with you. Being with you makes me see reasons why I had to wait all those years to meet you; you are a clear answer to all my silent, loud questions and prayers. Thank you for making fantasies realistic and making magic with your heart, smile, and warm hugs. Cheers to you for being a beautiful and amazing person.

When I see, hear, or think about the word LOVE, you’re the first and only person who defines it beautifully and without blunders.

I love you, Mr Magic

Written words can sometimes be more evocative than spoken words because people speak when relaxed, unrelaxed, or even unrelated. But before writing, there’s so much thought involved, especially when it comes to writing to a lover.

In Conclusion,

Before crafting a letter, there’s one important thing to do: pick up the shoes of your lover and wear them gracefully. It might not fit, but you get to feel everything they feel, and this in turn helps you express yourself easily.

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The Love Central -
2 months ago

I’m coming for love letter classes! This is good girl!

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