8 Principles for A successful Friendship

There are some beautiful friendships that transcend beyond family bonds.
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Having something beautiful is exciting, and it’s even more exciting when you see it in yesteryears and it still looks like it did the very first time you saw it because it was properly maintained and well taken care of.

The same thing goes for successful friendships, and in this article, we would be looking at principles on how to maintain beautiful friendships

1. Communication

This is the easiest way to honestly share your thoughts and feelings. It’s not just about passing your message across because you feel the need to; you have to convey it in a way the receiver understands because misunderstanding thrives in the midst of miscommunication. Expressing yourself also builds trust among people.

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Principles of Friendships

2. Mutual Respect

There’s a saying that goes, “Respect is reciprocal.” Not everyone will have the same ideas, and not everyone has similar views. Six can be seen as nine from a different angle, therefore, It’s best to approach their opinions and situations with respect.

Understand the individuality of your friend before focusing on the bond; this will help to understand the uniqueness that each of you brings to the friendship.

3. Active Listening

There are two things involved when listening to someone:

a. Listen just to respond: In this case, there is an eagerness to speak more and listen less. In most cases, there is bound to be misunderstanding because you’re not responding out of understanding, but because you just want to.

b. Listen to understand: When it comes to understanding, it means your full attention is required. In this case, you’re not just listening to give a response but actively listening and seeking to understand.

4. Supportive Presence

One of the best things about life is changes; it will not always be fun, roses, and butterflies. It’s important to know that friendships are not just for fun times; they’re also about sad and trying times. The best thing is to be present for both. Let your friend know that there’s a shoulder to rest on when it’s tough and a cheerful spirit when it’s easy and exciting.

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Be supportive of one another<br> Image Credit Freepik

5. Show Appreciation

Express gratitude for the positive aspects of the friendship by acknowledging the values, contributions, and lessons learned. This strengthens the bond as it makes the other party feel seen and important. It could be as a form of gifting or just kind words that denote ‘I value our friendship.’

6. Establish Boundaries

As beautiful as the bond of friendship is, there’s a need for balancing. You won’t always want to hang out or talk. One would need to master and respect the art of personal space and boundaries to strengthen togetherness as well as individual space.

7. Forgiveness and Letting Go

Due to popular belief, the true test of friendship seems to be the ability to fight. But based on proper research and understanding, the true test is not the fighting but the ability to come back after the fight, letting go of whatever caused the fight in the first place.

It is not abnormal to have misunderstandings and quarrels. It is only abnormal if you allow them to define your bond

8. Invest Quality Time

There’s something called ROI (Return on Investment), and although it’s mostly applicable to the world of finance, it can also be applicable to friendships. This is in the sense that when you invest quality time by sharing experiences and creating memories with your friend, the profit is a deeper connection and a long-lasting friendship.

Even on busy days when you don’t get to be in the same space for a while, there’s an assurance that your returns on the investment of quality time will speak for you.

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Group of friends hugging each other. Image Credit: Freepik

In Conclusion,

There’s nothing more special than having great friendships, and knowing how to maintain them properly is what makes it even more beautiful. Always remember to be considerate of each other’s feelings, among other things.

The effect of friendship on your mental and physical health

There are various benefits derived from having a great friend or group of friends. Read this article to discover how important and beneficial a great friendship can be.

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